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Gloria Cycling Fitting

About Our Process: Optimizing Your Cycling Experience!

At GLORIA, we believe that bike fitting is an essential step towards achieving maximum comfort, performance, and efficiency while riding. Our dedicated team is here to ensure that every cyclist experiences the joy of a perfectly tailored bike. Allow us to guide you through our comprehensive bike fitting process that will have you riding optimally in no time!


Duration: Our bike fitting sessions last a around 90 minutes, providing ample time for a thorough assessment and adjustments. We take into account your unique body, footwear, and bike to create an individualized fitting experience.

What to Bring: To make the most out of your session, we kindly ask that you bring your own bib shorts, cycling jersey, shoes, and bike. These items will allow us to evaluate and fine-tune the fitting process to suit your needs perfectly.

Our Session Includes:

1. Cycling History Assessment: We value your cycling journey and take the time to understand your experiences and goals. This information helps us tailor the fitting process to your specific needs.

2. Physical Assessment: Our experts will evaluate your body mechanics, ensuring that your bike setup aligns with your unique physique. We pay attention to every detail, including foot alignment and cleat position, to optimize your pedaling efficiency.

3. Bike Setup: Achieving the right bike setup is crucial for your comfort and performance. We will meticulously adjust key components such as saddle height, saddle fore/aft position, handlebar width, and stem length to provide you with the best riding experience possible.

4. Rider Biomechanics: Using advanced video capture and analysis techniques, we analyze your riding form to identify any areas that may benefit from adjustment. This comprehensive assessment helps us fine-tune your position for enhanced performance and injury prevention.

5. Measurements for Future Reference: As part of our commitment to your cycling journey, we provide you with precise measurements to apply to any new or existing bikes you may own. These measurements ensure consistency and comfort across all your rides.

Price: Our bike fitting session is priced at £170. We believe in providing exceptional value for our customers by delivering a personalized, comprehensive fitting experience that will transform your cycling enjoyment.

Join us at GLORIA and experience the transformative power of our bike fitting process. Let us unlock your true cycling potential!

Note: Please reach out to our team at to schedule your bike fitting session and discuss any further inquiries you may have.