Jan is unwavering in his belief that Titanium is the best material with which to build bikes.

It's a commitment that’s as strong as the frames he designs.

He will only design with this unique metal. And he will create only one, perfectly-fit-for-purpose bike for each riding style.

A J.Guillem frame is built to provide endless hours of riding pleasure and last a lifetime. Guaranteed by a 100-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. And uniquely, each style of frame is named after a place in Mallorca that is special to Jan, its GPS coordinates etched into the frame. So, one day, you too may find the pleasure he found there.

The Forementor - Disc
Uncompromising speed

A frame that epitomises everything J.Guillem knows about making a road bike. It's fast. Very fast.

Starting at £2,799 for frame only

The Orient - Disc
All road, all conditions

Designed to give the discerning cyclist a bike that can handle the smoothest tarmac and the bumpiest roads. Quite simply a frame that can do it all.

Starting at £3,450 for frameset

The Major - Disc
Pure joy of riding

For the club ride, for the racer. This frame wont flinch when you turn the watts on to surge across the line.

Starting at £1,499 for frame only

The Atalaya - Disc
Go anywhere, do anything

This bike will take you anywhere in the world you want to go. Whether it's down the street, across the wood; up the highest peak, or down the deepest gorge, Atalaya will take you there.

Starting at £2,199 for frame only

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