Looking for a bike Fit? It will help yoiu  become a better cyclist.

Saddle sore, numb hands or toes, neck pain and lower back pain are a few of the problem many of us experience. 

We are finding many cyclists that have had previous bike fits are still uncomfortable, so they come to us.  Often they sit on the wrong part of the saddle, or they simply don’t have the proper technique or core strength.  Saddle issues, sore neck, sore back, numb hands can all remain.


The right position for YOUR objectives

Instead, We combine five elements in our comprehensive approach to ensuring you and your bike work together.

  • Your riding objectives

  • Anatomical analysis

  • Foot/Pedal Interface

  • Handlebar and stem set-up

Once we understand your objectives, we analyse your anatomy – assessing the flexibility of your hamstrings, your hip rotation, the ratio of upper and lower leg bones and your leg versus torso length.  These affect your saddle height, fore/aft movement, and the reach and drop to your handlebars.

In an average three hour ride, you turn your pedals 15,000 times.  In a month of training at eight hours per week, that’s 187,000 revolutions.  In a year, it’s over 2 million repetitive motions.  So, it’s no surprise knee, foot, neck, back, shoulder, crotch, hand and wrist problems are epidemic with serious sports cyclists.

So, we next focus on the foot/pedal interface to ensure the foundation of your pedal stroke is solid.  Many cyclists require more support in their forefoot to prevent their knee moving toward the top tube as they apply pressure to the pedals.

Moving to the saddle and handlebar positions, we use video motion capture and analysis to measure key ankle, knee, back and arm positions while you are cycling, not in static poses.  The right angles for you depend upon your objectives and our physical assessment!

Bike Fit pricing

Standard Bike Fit £90
  • We start by analysing your initial position on the bike and saddle.  We then fit your current bike,  We then transfer that position to your bike and do final checks.  Whilst we don’t test other saddles in this process, we do ensure you are sitting in the correct position on your current saddle. Importantly, we don’t just look at the bike.  We help you optimise your technique, so you get the best blend of handling, aerodynamics, comfort and performance for your cycling objectives.  Match your ideal position. We also help you select your optimal saddle through this process.

Your Particulars

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Geometry diagram.png
Geometry diagram.png


You’ll need a metal retractable tape measure and a book. In your socks, stand with heels and butt against the wall and your feet 8”/20cm apart. Measure from the floor to the top of your head. Now enter that measurement, in cms, in the left hand box. Do this for each measurement and at the end of the process. We’ll calculate the best frame size for you on the right.


Put on your cycling shorts and stand up straight on a hard, flat surface again in sock covered feet, with your feet 8"/20cm apart and your weight evenly distributed. Using your tape, measure a vertical line from the floor to the base of the middle of your crotch (pushing up a little to emulate the effect of a saddle). Ensure the tape is at a right angle to the floor and runs straight down.