With the temperatures in London reaching such high levels, it makes me reminisce about the adventures of bikepacking during the winter. While it might not always be the coziest of endeavors in the cold, it certainly has its unique challenges. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to Khory and Josh’s winter excursion.

Last winter, these two adventurous souls embarked on an epic journey. They saddled up their bikes and set out from London, with a plan that would take them all the way to the continent. Their destination? The iconic Velodrome of Paris Roubaix, but the road there was anything but ordinary.

Their journey began with a pedal to Dover, where they’d catch a ferry to cross the channel. After a relaxing ferry ride with a beer and some fries, they touched down on foreign soil, ready to conquer new horizons.

France and Belgium became their playground as they navigated through picturesque landscapes and charming villages. The trip was more than just a scenic ride; it was an exploration of the most iconic bike lanes in Europe.

But what truly set this adventure apart was the cobbles. Khory and Josh had set their sights on the cobblestone roads that are legendary in the world of cycling. To comprehend just how grueling it is to tackle those unforgiving cobbles, they made it a pivotal part of their trip. The discussion about the challenges they faced and the endurance required never ceased, even after they’d completed the journey.

If you’re short on time but looking for an iconic cycling experience, consider following in their tire tracks. Watching the next Paris Roubaix race will take on a whole new level of excitement and appreciation, knowing the true test of those cobbles from Khory and Josh’s unforgettable winter adventure.

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