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Gloria Titanium

Gloria embodies that post-ride sense of fulfillment we all experience while cycling—the moment we realize that waking up early, pushing ourselves to keep up with the group, and embracing the outdoors are all worthwhile endeavors. At Gloria, we hold the belief that a bicycle should be more than just a singular-purpose machine. For true cycling enjoyment, a bike should offer versatility without compromising on performance.

Our bike is a testament to this philosophy. It seamlessly transitions from commuting to gravel rides, park laps, Sunday chaingangs, racing, and even complements your personal style. Our goal with this frameset is to unite diverse cycling disciplines as harmoniously as possible. While it may not handle extreme scenarios like downhill or criterium racing, it excels in navigating the in-betweens.

We provide an agile bike that maintains comfort for all-terrain cycling without sacrificing road performance. In today's landscape, road and gravel cycling have intertwined, and day trips are becoming more popular. If you seek optimal stiffness, a timeless design, and abundant comfort, this bike is tailor-made for you.

Simplicity is at the heart of our approach. We've streamlined the design to minimize trips to the bike shop and reduce time spent tinkering in the workshop.

Recognizing that certain designs endure for a reason, our bike features a straightforward 44mm headtube and a BSA bottom bracket. These classic elements have stood the test of time because they simply work. We've incorporated internal routing for electronic groupsets and cable guides for those who prefer mechanical setups.

With a rear end designed to accommodate up to 700x40c tires and an elevated stack in the front, our bike's geometry caters to enthusiasts seeking extended comfort during long rides.

At Gloria, we've meticulously crafted a bicycle that encapsulates the spirit of versatile cycling without compromise.

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