J.Guillem zags when others zig. We like the surprise of the new and take comfort in the different. We celebrate inspiration, aspiration and the joy of perspiration.


J.Guillem believes there is a special place we can all go to that is unique to each of us. A journey that begins each time you step off life’s treadmill and onto a bike. A place with just one signpost…

ISEN is built upon the award winning heritage of UK custom frame builders Hartley Cycles and Talbot Frameworks. Allowing us to combine hand crafted elements with cutting edge frame building technologies, so we can deliver bikes that are at the forefront of frame geometries and are finished to the highest standard.


From our custom cable routing to hand finished headbadges everything is meticulously crafted and a result of our experience. We’ve designed and built bikes for 100’s of riders, so you know if we spec something, we did because it’s the best part available for your bike.

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On January 1st 2006, Lynskey Performance Products opened the door to a new and exciting return to the cycling sport they loved and working the metal they trusted. Family members came on board one by one, as did previous employees who had moved on to other adventures. The respect earned from the family’s historical success creating Litespeed Titanium, and the top quality work produced, six years later had not been forgotten.

The Lynskey family members each have designated roles in the business and each possesses a different and complementary skill, when combined, make for a great team.

The Enigma story began 13 years ago. From humble beginnings in a converted shed, we now occupy an 8000 sq. ft workshop. Founded on the principles of an unwavering devotion to the art of British craftsmanship, we engineer top-performing handcrafted bicycle frames and complete builds.

Enigma is a coupling of our twin passions for precision engineering and a love affair with cycling that dates back half a century. We are builders, crafters and innovators. Friends, family and colleagues. Dedicated to the craft, we encompass a team of creatively-minded individuals redefining what's possible with those durable imperial metals.

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